Why you have to attend The BIP.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn what it takes to move your business to the top of your industry.

The Business Improvement Program will provide you with the mindset, the tools, the knowledge and the support you need to build a truly extraordinary business. More importantly you will learn from the most successful business leaders on how to implement the 9 Key Success Strategies to deliver sustainable results.

This powerful 2 day live in program provides you with the fundamentals necessary to enhance the value of your business – all in a fabulous location with an outstanding mix of speakers! This proven and successful Business Improvement Program carries a full no quibble money back guarantee if you have not received any value at the end of the 2 days.

Learn how to create a more Profitable Valuable & Enjoyable business.

At The BIP you will learn what the best businesses have done to achieve superior returns, improved profits and cash flow and how they, their team and their clients are able to enjoy better results from everything they do.

You will learn how to create a powerful and aligned vision where your entire business, team and clients are truly engaged and discover how to find and communicate your key purpose – your BIG WHY, so that it makes a big Impact.

And how to make your business more valuable, how to attract and retain the very best people and how the best businesses increased their options in the business… under a variety of scenarios.

You will understand how to move your business to another level as it grows and build the value on any exit  or succession- In essence, what the best businesses have done t to move to the top 10% of their field.

Sure, The BIP will be inspirational and fun – but most importantly it will provide you with the substance and solutions to implement in your business immediately for improved results.

Others have done it and we know you can too.

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Awesome content, brilliant speakers who demonstrate how to implement the

9 Key Success Strategies in your business for improved results.

  1. The Importance of Passion, Focus and Capability.
  2. Beginning with the End in Mind.
  3. Making Your Business Fly in a Digital World.
  4. Getting the Best out of your People.
  5. Staying Alive in Business
  6. Moving Towards a Larger Business
  7. How to Build your Brand in the Digital Economy
  8. Leadership & the Importance of Culture
  9. Building Increased Value & more Options in your Succession/Exit Plan

Like to know more?

 Call Alec Blacklaw directly on 61 408 351403 or  UK 07542113991  or ask a question alec@blacklawadvisory.com.au

The BIP  … the Power is in the Implementation.

Only attend this Program if you are serious about getting improved results for your business.

  • Those that attend want to grow and learn … and want their team to do the same.
  • They want to step up and operate a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business – that will deliver improved results for all stakeholders.
  • We won’t just inspire you, we will demonstrate &  share the awesome results that the best businesses have achieved.
  • We will actively work with you on each of these critical success factors in the many breakouts we have throughout each day.
  • We will challenge your thinking and explore what other businesses have done which you may adapt, tailor and implement for improved results.
  • In addition, you will work in a small team, learn what they do well, share knowledge, success tips and each of you will assist each other as a “Sounding Board”.
  • You will have the benefit of our unique “Rotating CEO” working on your business in the many breakouts.
  • You will apply these success factors to your business, and you will implement the best of these ideas in your business once you leave. And we will follow you up to gauge your progress with a complimentary consultation after The BIP.
  • You will achieve improved results like so many others we have worked with before.

” Well worth it,  I’ve absolutely loved the last 2 days delivered in a brilliant and engaging style, I cant wait to get back into the business and implement the many ideas that were presented. Lots of little 1%’s that will make a significant impact on our business… ”

Jonathan Lee , CN Groupimg_1087


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    The BIP
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