What if we told you what it takes to make your business more Profitable, more Valuable, and more Enjoyable?

And importantly what the best businesses have done to achieve those results? Plus help you with the implementation.

That’s exactly what we do.

2 days of action packed material, powerful ideas, success tips and tools delivered by leading business owners and leaders in industry –  built on The 9 Key Success Strategies.

You will receive a comprehensive workbook, examples and unique learning experiences that you will put into practice for improved results. Plus you will enjoy yummy and healthy morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea on both days plus a 3 course dinner and drinks on Thursday evening. Plus a refreshing beverage or two at the end of the 2nd day!

 This is not a talk fest, or a big stadium experience for the masses – you will work in small groups over the 2 days, with regular breakouts so you can implement each of the 9 Key Success Strategies. The speakers and the other business owners will work with you on your business issue or challenge.
This very powerful, hands on and practical learning experience is guaranteed to improve the performance of your business.
The focus is on implementation of lots of little 1%’s that will make a huge difference to your business, your own team and your clients.

You will hear from industry leaders of what has worked so successfully in a wide range of businesses and understand how you can apply them to your business for improved outcomes. One of the many small but powerful  ideas if implemented successfully can pay for the price of this program many times over.

You’ll learn how to add the powerful and proven 9 Key Success Strategies to your existing business model. You will then learn how to leverage these strategies to provide the growth consistent with your goals and achieve better results and enjoy even more of what you do.

Like to understand the benefits, clarify your expectations or have your questions answered ?

We have made it affordable to attend and if you are not delighted at the end of the days it’s free!

Contact Alec Blacklaw  on +61 408 351403 or alec@blacklawadvisory.com.au or get in touch with your personal advisor to find out why attending The BIP will be a great idea for you.

What Will You Learn?

The BIP will deliver an analysis of the fundamentals of business and the strategic process required to enable you to significantly improve your business.

The sessions cover all aspects of business, from ensuring that business owners begin with the end in mind, to focusing on excellent customer management, building a engaging brand, developing a winning culture, leadership, people development, financial management and succession planning – where we will share the 9 Key Success Strategies guaranteed to make you business even more valuable, profitable and enjoyable… with more options so that you can live the life you desire.

 It is lots of fun, but more than this you will practically apply  what the best businesses do to succeed.

All sessions have a ‘Rotating CEO’ whereby participants facilitate their own team on a particular topic using a team member’s business as an example before they present to the whole group.

Combined with this will be opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with your peers and speakers in a relaxed and trusting environment on what other business leaders do in their business or segment that might be adaptable to your business.

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“I came here looking for a focus for my business. I got it. Thanks for everything. You’ve helped me in a number of ways – the fact that they’re the ones I needed is an excellent bonus.”

John McCloskey

General Manager / Mclean Real Estate

What’s my Risk?

We have thought very carefully about your risk in attending. We know your time is valuable. That’s why we provide a no quibble money back guarantee.Your main risk is not attending and continuing to do the same things and expecting a different result. We know you can do better and you do too. We know you want to grow your next group of leaders.

We invite you to take the challenge and make 2017 a year for action, one where you reap the benefits from your business which is even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable.


Places are limited. Click here to book and secure your place.

What have you got to lose? To recap, this is what you will get.

  • Your investment is fully guaranteed, and if at the end of the two days you have received no value from attending our program, your investment will be refunded in full – no questions asked.
  • You will work in a small group with business leaders from all sorts of industries and from whom you learn from as well. Our experience tells us that tribes, clusters and small groups work best to achieve superior outcomes.
  • We have deliberately limited the numbers of participants to maximum of 40 given the highly interactive format and style of the program. It’s all about taking action and doing stuff, not a talk fest. You will get up close to the special guest speakers and have an opportunity to ask them questions about your business.
  • And it doesn’t end there. We are serious about your implementation and will follow up with you after the event to gauge your progress.
  • We offer a free complimentary consultation after your return to your business to ensure you are taking action and to see how we may help with the implementation.

“The BIP has given me the opportunity to stop, think and evaluate, and to meet and be able to talk to like-minded business people with honesty and to share vulnerability,  and provided the tools and inspiration to move my business forward”

Jo Pagdin

Managing Director- Rotherwood Recruitment Ltd.

Alec Blacklaw will lead The BIP and be joined by world class speakers who have extensive experience in their field which includes Strategic Business Improvement ,planning for success, leadership development, design of culture and core values, management accounting, digital & social media management, brand development and will share with you how to develop and implement the right systems and processes to measure and manage the critical factors required for your success.

The speakers come from a position of experience not opinion and have worked with lots of small to medium size business owners over many years from start-ups, established , those in growth mode,  who are all faced with the same dilemma – how can they move their business to one that is even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable and one that has more options for all stakeholders.

All of the speakers have started their own business too, they know what it’s like to fail, and have started again, run successful business in diverse industries and sat on lots of boards. They are practical, focused, driven people who have created successful businesses themselves.

The BIP is not an ordinary program or conference where you go because you need to clock up the Professional Development hours or because it seems like a good idea or where it’s paid by someone else and you eat and drink on their account. It is focused on helping you get improved results – the ones that you want.


It’s not cheap and yet not expensive for what you will get. In fact, your investment in the BIP will pay for itself many times over and may prove to be the best value for money event you have ever attended. A big claim we know; however, this is what past attendees have said at the end of the BIP.

Yes, you will hear from some amazing speakers and meet some pretty cool business owners (like you, but in different industries) but it’s more than that. You will actually do stuff, you will actively work on the 9 Key Success Strategies ts and apply these to your business. You will work with and bounce ideas off other clever people who excel in their industry and you will come away with ideas that will save and make you money.

And Yes you will be reinvigorated and be ready to redesign your business for improved success knowing you have the tools and support to implement.

“My biggest takeaway from The BIP was definitely around strategy . I definitely feel I gained what I wanted to gain from coming to The BIP which was how to get a strategy on how to grow our business and it’s given me a clear plan on how to do that. I’ve got a lot of brilliant content there.”

Jo Geldard, Baker Hardingimg_1174






“Very informative, presented professionally and passionately. Made me think of many new issues / outcomes for my business. Vibrant. Loved the group sessions, sharing ideas, problems and their solutions.

George Thalas
Timeline Building Group


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