A couple of Awards we won in 2020. Thank you for helping us improve your business.

We can't tell how much fun it has been to be able to help you run a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business. Some of our clients can though... Thank you to the clients we have been privileged to work with over ...

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2 Key Pieces of the Puzzle to Create your 2020/21 Success Plan.

20 September 2020 Posted in - Collaboration

And why they can make all of the difference. (Part 3 of a 3 part series – Redesigning the Pathway through the Global Pandemic.)   History tells us the difference between winning and coming second is minimal. The difference between hot water and steam ...

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Redesigning your Business for Success

12 August 2020 Posted in - Improved Value,More Profits

Positive pathways to tackling uncertainty. History tells us that exploring strategic options and being bold is the only way forward when faced with a crisis. Sitting on your hands is a choice, although perhaps not the best one when faced with ...

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Uncertainty might just be the new normal…

16 July 2020 Posted in - News,Strategy

And How you can use this to your advantage. (Part 1 of a 3-part series. Redesigning the Pathway through the Global Pandemic.) All businesses move through a lifecycle. Your business may be in a start-up phase, it may be an established business, or you ...

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Critical steps to drive Collaboration

20 September 2019 Posted in - Collaboration

Collaboration – The journey to delivering great outcomes for everyone. Tom Wilson from Adama Digital interviews Alec Blacklaw, Blacklaw Advisory and Area Representative for MSI Global Alliance. 5 tips to collaborate in an increasingly ‘online’ world. In an increasingly connected world, collaboration presents ...

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5 Things we learned about The BIP in Melbourne September 2017

Business people around the world are similar although we face different challenges and opportunties in our locations and within our industry segmenst.  We live in a digital, dynamic and disruptive world where we must connect with our target audience and be a ...

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Business Experts share their strategies on how to get the edge.

20 August 2017 Posted in - Digital Strategy,Leadership,Social Media

How to get the edge and build more trust in this disruptive digital economy Anyone who has ever started a business or is leading an organisation right now knows that the challenge and opportunity to create something of real value and ...

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9 Key Success Strategies to kick off the new Financial Year and make it the best year ever!

So, it’s another new Financial year and you are determined to make it different than last year or even the year before. This year you have written a plan and have total alignment with your fellow business owners and team and ...

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What you think you know about digital could be wrong.

12 April 2017 Posted in - Digital Strategy,Marketing,More Profits

Rethink digital and grow your business twice as fast! Alec Blacklaw, Founder and creator of The BIP spoke to Simon McCaskill, Google Trainer and SEO wizz about the typical approach to approaching and designing websites, and more impotantly what should we do ...

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Pages not Websites!

The one thing that will accelerate your Digital Marketing effectiveness!   Alec Blacklaw, Founder and creator of The BIP interviews Simon McCaskill, Google Trainer and SEO wizz ,and shares the key tip provided by Simon to deliver improved results in your strategic marketing play.     Alec:  Great ...

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