Our attendees tell us that attending The BIP is a life changing event for them.

And that makes all the difference to us.

Definitely worth going.Thank you, you gave me lots of new enthusiasm. The 2 days were so intense, I’m still processing it all now. We found it life changing for our business.”

Rachel Pound,  Rusland Pool & Lakeland Pudding Co








” Well worth it,  I’ve absolutely loved the last 2 days delivered in a brilliant and engaging style, I cant wait to get back into the business and implement the many ideas that were presented. Lots of little 1%’s that will make a significant impact on our business… ”

Jonathan Lee, CN Group

” I have just spent the 2 most amazing days I never thought I was going to spend, ( I’m  a born cynic) but every half an hour I came up with a light bulb moment and I now have a box full light of bulb moments to implement in our business…  ”

Adrian Moeckell, EWGA Wines

” I experienced new techniques that will positively impact our business, Awesome, the speakers were immense! I recommend it to anybody, Congratulations and I’ll be back ”

Eddie Black, Eco- Genics

” I came to The BIP  completely out of my comfort zone but thoroughly enjoyed it, I realised other business owners  have similar issues, …now I cant wait to get back in the business and crack on! ”

Kate Eady, Wrapped Agency





” We have been working with Alec over the last 2 days at The BIP  with our clients helping them and showing them how to run more successful businesses and make them more profitable and enjoyable , We’ve had a fun 2 days and there are lots of opportunities for us  to help them implement the strategies to run more successful businesses for the future. ”

Paul Dickson, MD of Armstrong Watson.

” I thoroughly enjoyed the content and delivery of The BIP. It is very relevant to my business now, the challenges we have and what we need to do to make the business much more enjoyable for our team.”

Andy Murphy, Melrose Textiles Co.

 ” I thought it would be impossible to learn as much as we have in the last 2 days. I can’t speak highly enough of Alec and his presentation . It’s been absolutely excellent and there are probably about 20 things I will take away and implement in the business.”

Chris Ryan, Caldervale Technology

” I found there are so many little things that can effect your business.  Its given me confidence that I am on the right track but I learned lots of knowledge and expertise that I can take away and implement in our business. Well worth it!”

Jo Pagdin, Rotherwood Recruitment

“What I loved about The BIP was the amount of knowledge from the speakers and how they really had an interaction with the people.   The knowledge was enormous, my notes are extensive and there are so many things I’m really looking forward to working on. I think it’s really going to benefit my business and the people in the business.”

Paul Lindley, Narla Engineering

My biggest takeaway from The BIP was definitely around strategy . I definitely feel I gained what I wanted to gain from coming to The BIP which was how to get a strategy on how to grow our business and it’s given me a clear plan on how to do that. I’ve got a lot of brilliant content there.”

Jo Geldard, Baker Harding

“Its been absolutely  brilliant.  I have learned so much for my own business, I  know about the “Why”.  it’s a big thing, I’ve read about it. I’ve never really had that moment about what is “my why”, but I got clarity about my why and it makes  everything easier. So much to takeaway, it’s been a fantastic event.

Alec, Peta…  I cant thank everyone enough.  So come to it!”

Simon McCaskill, Google Masterclass Trainer Uk & Europe

The Media picked up on The BIP and interviewed a number of the attendees to get their comments and expectations before they attended The Business Improvement Program and then followed up with them afterwards to gauge the impact afterwards.

So did The BIP live up to expectations?   Click here to read more

The Business Improvement Program (‘The BIP’), founded  in Australia, was brought to Britain by Blacklaw Advisory, thanks to a partnership with Cumbria-based financial experts Armstrong Watson The BIP was created by Alec Blacklaw in Melbourne,  and is specifically designed to help owner-managed businesses enjoy improved outcomes. UK Accountants and business advisers Armstrong Watson recognised the powerful impact this two-day program could have on their own client base and helped introduce The BIP to family business leaders from across the region.

Alec Blacklaw, globally renowned Business Improvement Specialist, was joined by internationally acclaimed speakers, including Singapore-based Paul Dunn, a four-times TEDx speaker, shared their knowledge and clarity of insight with delegates eager to learn how they could harness new ways of thinking to improve business performance.

The masterclass presentations by industry experts in business management and communication, focused on 9 Key Success Strategies, and was also broken up with Rotating CEO sessions where in small groups each delegate took turns to be the business leader and used the power and knowledge of the team to brainstorm solutions to specific business challenges they face.

Armstrong Watson’s business development director Dave Clarkson said: “We had seen how influential The BIP was in Australia and the difference it was making to entrepreneurial businesses out there, but we did not realise what an enormous impact this was going to have on all the delegates attending.

“So much so that words such as ‘awesome’ and ‘life-changing’ have been commonly used in the testimonial feedback which is great to see.”

“The event was a great success,” said Dave Clarkson. “We always knew the BIP offered something different, but you never really know how it will all come together until you go live! The businesses really seemed to find extra inspiration from Alec and his team, and the fact that a lot of what happened was directed specifically at our guests and their goals was especially appreciated.

“For Armstrong Watson, it was a natural extension of Blue, our  own support programme, so we were all hugely enthused and will definitely be bringing BIP  back next year and then as a regular event.”

One of the companies taking part was steel stockholder and supplier John W Laycock in Keighley. MD Mark Sugden told BQ: “We really enjoyed the experience and it was all very professionally organised, even though I was a little apprehensive as well as excited before it began. I knew that it was going to challenge me to find out more about myself and the business and what might be limiting us.

“We trusted Armstrong Watson when they suggested the course and we were right to do that. It was really invigorating and I already have an implementation plan for my company, which has measurable outcomes.

“It also reminded me that we already do a lot of things very well, which really refreshed me.”

Over at dry ice blasting and cleaning specialists Eco-Genics in Dumfriesshire, MD Eddie Black was equally enthusiastic about his two days. “I found it inspiring, to be honest,” he told BQ.

“It was very thought-provoking and I have already started with some changes, based on what I experienced. I heard some very different approaches to situations and it is now my job to do something about it back at Eco-Genics.

“I went with a very open mind, and I was quite vocal in there because I wanted to make sure I got as much out of it as possible. Our business is doing well, but I now have a lot more tools in the toolbox to help us grow and move to the next level.

“My wife went with me and she said she could feel the energy in the room, with everyone reacting to a very positive experience.”

And further feedback from 2017 in the UK and Australia… Click here

‘I’ve loved everything really. I know that sounds weird, but I’ve been on loads of training courses in my career and usually there are some sessions where they are just flat, boring… or  don’t get anything from it, but I can honestly say that in every session here I have taken something away for the business which is massive, and it means I am going to be busy for a long long time.

I have been woken up!… re energised, revitalised and I cant wait to implement in the business’

Tony Johnson, Sales Director CN Media

‘AWESOME. Entertaining and valuable. If you do one course this year, do this one’

Peter Stafford, Managing Director Cartmell Shepherd

‘Awesome! Why, not what. We have built a business around what we do, maybe we should tell people WHY.’

David Cooper, General Manager -Kendal- Chris Hayton

‘So many great ideas, suggestions and plans to take on, worth it for the ideas that stick’

Richard Stow, Managing Director Weedfree Ltd

‘This is the first time I’ve analysed the business in depth since its birth. It’s made me realise my style and skill set needs a spring clean. An Amazing 2 days, life changing, thought provoking, confidence boosting…magical feeling.’

Richard Cramer, Partner Front Row Legal

‘Enlightening! From Paul Dunn’s Power of Small to Social Media, Culture, Mindset, Passion – an excellent experience. Empowering: gave me tools to live now and impact in a good way’

Chris Ismay, General Manager – Southport- Chris Hayton

‘What I’ve loved about The BIP is that it made me realise what our big WHY is.

It helps you get your lightbulb moments. It is that popcorn.  I would describe the program as a little bit of rollercoaster ride, eating popcorn and going through the lightbulbs!

It has been amazing to meet busineses. My big take-away is I need to be the best version of me, every day of the week whether that is at home or work, and that will lead to just great things’

Andrew Kennon, Partner Armstrong Watson

‘Really enjoyed the 2 days, it made me think about a lot of areas I’d never really considered before.’

Mike Jefferson, CFO Atlas Business Interiors

‘A lot of food for thought. Interesting topics that were very well presented. I’m looking forward to applying some of these ideas in my organisation’

Simon Mott, Finance Manager EWGA Wines

“Phenomenal! Reinforced what I know, moved me forward, challenged me and gave me lots of new information.”

Alison Davis, Owner Carlisle Brewing Company

‘It beat my expectations which I think is something that is always fantastic . Thought provoking and gave me personally a lot more than I thought it would. It made me think of perhaps where I have been going wrong, but also the direction of how to change that thinking’

Sue (Coulson) Howorth, Director The Family Business Network Ltd & Coulson Associates

‘Life changing! I worked out why Im so stressed and its for a stupid reason.

The BIP is positive, great to focus on business, advice from the attending delegates invaluable, challenging and galvanising.

Do. Don’t just take.’

Nici Hewitson, Director One Little Bird Public Relations

‘Challenging, rewarding, and revitalising. I am creating a new expectation of myself in terms of leading our business and looking forward to implementing this’

Gary Robertson, Dealer Principal Atlas Business Interiors

‘A unique and inspirational opportunity to learn realistic and achievable business improvement strategies.’

Emily Wood, Business Accelerator Manager CN Media

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