Another headline, another tweet, another ding on my phone, tablet…

Will I look at it? It might be important you think – or least most people do.

There is more noise than ever out there. It just seems quieter on the ear, however it’s every bit as disruptive as the Ads on television were, hailing all the way back to the 50’s on TV.

Ah, they were the masters, the pioneers as the dawn of a new information and entertainment platform emerged. Until the next big change in communication & technology globally and right now it is rolling out at a faster pace than ever. Great for some, however I know a lot of people would like it to slow down, just a bit, so we can catch up and utilise the last thing we learned.

Well it’s not going to.There are more disruptor’s or disruptions than ever before – all vying for your attention and a piece of your wallet or credit card or bitcoin.

It’s almost become a global game of “what can we do to disrupt what we do now to create a new market?”  To deliberately look for ways to disrupt what we do, use or consume and flip it on its head. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. in fact I’ve always had healthy scepticism for the status quo  in my quest to improve what we do.

78% of people know the “interruption” may not be for them or just plain junk or even worse – spam, but the human condition is curious and we hate to miss out. This might just be that nugget of gold, that one thing we are missing!

We access or get hit on with bits of information, opportunities and stuff every hour, even when we are working. Its omnipresent.

The real question is what are we, or should I say you, going to do about it?

It’s your life, your business and you should take control of the reins.You know it, most people get distracted and dont implement what they know is required to get a great outcome.

You will now, more than ever, need to focus on what’s critical for your success.

I have had the privilege of with working with business owners and entrepreneurs most of my life, at all phases of business life – from starts ups to established companies and every bit in between and in almost every industry you can think of. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning from some of the best there is in business, sport and life.

And I can say there has never been a time like this, as a business owner, to truly know WHY you do WHAT you do and HOW all the stakeholders benefit.

Yes, I mean all.  This includes your fellow directors, team members, your clients, your prospects and your community. Its critical to be aligned on your Vision and core values and ensure you have a point of difference that is truly embraced emotionally and commercially by all the stakeholders – current and potential.

In a time when everyone is craving authenticity and to be authentic the challenge is to ensure your audience is truly engaged with you and trust what you have to say. To know and be convinced of what your product or service will deliver, what it will allow them to do, what feeling they will get from working with you or your company.

Right now the emotional experience has a huge value attached to it in our continual quest to feel part of something, something bigger than our self. And I’m not talking about religion although that is very important for some.

I’m talking about feeling connected, engaged, inspired, relevant, feeling trusted, safe and acknowledged. This applies to Business owners, their team and to their clients to varying degrees at different times. If we dont feel it, we tune out, we move on and we dont always tell you the real reason why.

As a business owner you have invested a huge amount into your business. You have worked hard and still work hard and give up so much to operate your business. I know that.

The benefits for a business owner – alone or with partners- can be huge and the reason for being in business is different for many.Your business is an Asset and should deliver excellent returns ( profits and cash flow) and be appreciating in value over time and be attractive for sale so that you can cash in on your years of investment and live the life you desire.

I know and have worked with many of you who are running good businesses however I know many are not the best that they could be. Is your business great, and really maximising its potential – for all stakeholders?

This truly is the time to step up and put distance between you and your competitors as the world continues to go through change. Times are not tough, they are just the times we live in.

I have worked with businesses who have made the decision to improve their situation and know they can get better results. They all share the same desire to seriously implement what it takes to be successful. Yet they are all so different, just like you.

I am being joined by some very successful business leaders in a powerful 2 day Business Improvement Program, working with business owners, in a format specifically designed to obtain outstanding results.

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And you receive a full tax deduction for investing in your Business – nice EOFY planning I hear you say.

Based on the feedback from previous attendees, we are so confident that you will receive great value and provide a full money back guarantee if you receive no benefit from the program. We want to remove your risk and are determined to deliver great outcomes for you.

I invite you to take the challenge to make your business more profitable, valuable and enjoyable. What have you got to lose?

Alec Blacklaw is a Business Improvement specialist and the Founder and Creator of The Business Improvement Program.

To find out more, clarify expectations and understand your return on investment contact or on 61 408351403.