What you think you know about digital could be wrong.

12 April 2017 Posted in: Digital Strategy,Marketing,More Profits

Rethink digital and grow your business twice as fast!

Alec Blacklaw, Founder and creator of The BIP spoke to Simon McCaskill, Google Trainer and SEO wizz about the typical approach to approaching and designing websites, and more impotantly what should we do to get improved outcomes.

The results will inform and and surprise you at the same time.

Alec: Hi there Simon, what should any digital planner or web developer be considering when they meet with a business owner?

Simon: That’s interesting Alec, I honestly believe the common way to design and develop a website is wrong.

It’s still lead bydesigners whose primary aim is to produce a beautiful looking website. Yes, the look of a site isa factor, a key element, but not the vital factor for success. The actual purpose of a website and how success will be measured is often overlooked until much, much later.

There are tools out there right now that are disrupting the web design world.

Tools that allow web design and development to happen in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Speed used to be at the cost of quality, but not anymore!

Away from development, the tools continue to develop. From auto-populating your social media channels with a couple of clicks to creating engaging videos from a simple text document. With this array of available tools, the online challenge is different:

How can you challenge the norm and rethink digital to get results?



Alec: So now that the technical considerations are a thing of the past, what should  business owners be doing when they met with their web designer?

Simon:  They should take the time and opportunity to really plan their online presence in a strategic way and consider a number of questions.



Ask yourself : – Who do you want to attract? Where are they online?

– What are they searching? And, How do you attract them?

When you know or have thought through this, then everything you do online should be based on results.


Are you getting results from your activity online?

Is your social media activity building a following of potential customers?

Are you being found for information that is being searched and then are the searchers turning

into customers?

Does the return from your online marketing far outweigh its cost?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to the questions above then you are winning online.

The businesses who are fully embracing online are proven to be growing twice as fast as those businesses who are not.

If there were ‘No’s’ in your answers then maybe it’s time for you to rethink digital?


Simon McCaskill is a Google Trainer, Digital Planner and is a speaker at The Business Improvement Program (The BIP) to held in the Lake District in 18th & 19th May 2017.

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