The truth about SEO and how to rank higher!

10 October 2016 Posted in: News,SEO,Strategy

I interviewed the very talented Google Guru and SEO wiz Simon McCaskill as we explored the myths and pealed back the truth about SEO… what it really means and strategic ways to cut through and create a sustainable advantage.

Simon responded to my open question  “What is SEO really all about and how can your business  rank higher?”

Do you ever feel that people are making something more complicated than it needs to be?

It’s like when you take your car into the garage and the mechanic ‘um’s’ and ‘ah’s’ for what seems like an eternity before they deliver the bad news.

“How much?” You cry before handing over your hard earned cash.

Then surprisingly your car’s fixed within in 5 minutes.

What you are paying for here is their knowledge and you can argue that is fair – but that doesn’t stop it feeling wrong, and the SEO industry has fallen into the same groove.

Search fundamentals

This year the prestigious International Business Improvement Program (BIP) will come to the UK for the very first time. The BIP sees business leaders from across the globe providing powerful knowledge on how to grow and create even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business.

Held in Yorkshire this November, I will be running a SEO masterclass as part of the BIP, where I will share with you vital knowledge and together we will explore the fundamentals of SEO. This doesn’t mean you will become a SEO guru overnight but it will give you a much better understanding of ‘search’ and enable you to start building a sound SEO strategy for your own business.

Topics we will explore include:  

  • The vital choice of keywords for your business
  • On page and off page optimisation basics
  • How Google serves search results… and much more…

Empowering you to make smarter business decisions

Having this fundamental knowledge of ‘search’ is all about enabling you to make better, smarter decisions about the future of your SEO activity.

Whether you take to it like a duck to water, or simply discover that SEO is no longer a ‘dark art’ that some perceive it to be, understanding the fundamentals of SEO puts you back in the driving seat. With this knowledge you can have comfortable and confident conversations about your SEO strategy (unlike the conversation with a mechanic about your dodgy engine).

Come and join us at the Business Improvement Program:

The Business Improvement Program, 3-4 November 2016, Wood Hall Hotel & Spa, Wetherby

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