SME Business Owners often feel lonely at the top!

20 May 2016 Posted in: Leadership,News

SME Business OwnersIt’s certainly no secret that SME Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are more often than not wearing “different hats” and as a result feeling stressed out. With the many challenges and demands of running a successful business in today’s environment, SME Business Owners and entrepreneurs need support, guidance and education to help them succeed.

There’s a whole host of challenges that typically arise as your business grows. Different problems and opportunities demand different solutions – what worked a year ago might now be not the best approach. All too often, avoidable mistakes turn what could have been a great business into ruin.

It’s crucial to take time out of your business to recognise and overcome the common pitfalls if your business is to continue to grow and thrive.  We don’t know what we don’t know and often need a sounding board or alternate perspective.

Importantly, you need to ensure that the steps you take today don’t themselves create additional problems for the future. Effective leadership will help you make the most of the opportunities, creating sustainable growth for the future.
The Business Improvement Program (BIP) provides SME Business Owners, Managers and Entrepreneurs with the mindset, the tools, the knowledge and the support required to build a truly extraordinary business.

The format has been designed to allow business owners to collaborate in a non-competitive environment and get key insights into what has worked successfully in a range of industry segments. An important part of the program is Implementation and Innovation for improved Results.

The BIP is a powerful 2 day program which provides the fundamentals necessary to enhance the value of your business – all in a fabulous location with an outstanding mix of speakers including:

  •          Influential TED speaker – Paul Dunn
  •          Author, Speaker & Social Media Evangelist – Kylie Bartlett
  •          Business Improvement Strategist – Alec Blacklaw
  •          Business & Financial Advisor – Troy Townley
  •          Digital Guru – Gareth Lane

“Owning and operating a SME business can be very rewarding, but it can also be a lonely existence at times. The BIP program supports the Business Owner as they will learn what the best businesses have done to achieve superior returns and as act as a sounding board for new ideas, challenging them as necessary” says Alec Blacklaw, Founder and Creator of the Business Improvement Program and leading Business Improvement Specialist & Advisor to the SME market.

“On this journey, the Business Owners will form part of a larger network of like-minded business operators and entrepreneurs – many facing very similar issues in running their businesses. Though at this program they will have access to expert advisorsand solutions which they can implement in their business immediately” he says.

“The BIP speakers have an extensive record of involvement and success in business and sport. The program is designed for implementation and it is guaranteed to help business owners create a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business” says Alec.

Like to know more or have your questions answered before you book?

Call Alec Blacklaw directly on 0408 351403 or

book nowBIP PROGRAM DATES: 14-15 July 2016

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