Pages not Websites!

The one thing that will accelerate your Digital Marketing effectiveness!


Alec Blacklaw, Founder and creator of The BIP interviews Simon McCaskill, Google Trainer and SEO wizz ,and shares the key tip provided by Simon to deliver improved results in your strategic marketing play.



Alec:  Great to speak with you again Simon and looking forward to you presenting once again at The Business Improvement Program in May. People loved your presentation the last time and what they really enjoyed most was all that Google experience you have and that “behind the scenes SEO stuff”.

And you smashed a few myths that people otherwise took as facts when you spoke last November.

People get the technical bit now Simon, but what’s the one thing that people should concentrate on now?

How can any business owner be guaranteed of getting pretty good results from any strategic Google or SEO play?

Simon:  The one thing that I am telling people and it’s still coming as a surprise to many is Google’s not looking for websites.

People aren’t looking for websites, people are looking for individual pages. So whatever they are searching for they are looking for answers to that one search. And you can give just one page for that answer and that is the absolutely key thing…because you asked me about getting results.

So you could create one page and if that page is good enough and has the right content, that’s enough.

And that’s doable. You can do that pretty quickly and get results pretty quickly as well. So I would say focus on Pages not Websites.

Alec:  Wow, pages not websites, that’s brilliant.

Like a lot of the key strategies that we share at The BIP, they are often very small  but powerful ideas that are proven and very easy to implement into your business  And they will lead to improved outcomes on so many levels.

Clearly there is a little bit of work to do to put the key success strategy into place however it’s very doable and will deliver results.

Hear Simon speak at The BIP on 18-19 May 2017 at Armathwaite Hall and Spa along with may other international business leader and experts as The BIP comes to Cumbria for the first time.

Simon McCaskill is Google Trainer, Speaker and Digital Planner.

Contact Dave Clarkson to secure your ticket

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