How Important is your Brand in the Digital World?

18 October 2016 Posted in: Brand,News,Social Media,The BIP

Alec Blacklaw interviewed Social Media Expert and author of “Brilliant Social Media”  Adam Gray to find out how important your brand is right now, his excitement about Leeds , secrets of digital success , jumping to conclusions and more.

Adam says” I’m really excited to be speaking at the Business Improvement Program in Leeds next month, not because I particularly want to go to Leeds (although it is a lovely city) but because there will be over 100 businesses which are all growing and, more importantly, eager to learn the “secrets” of digital success.

In my experience, these kind of businesses are keen to embrace new ideas and it’s exciting to be able to give them some things to think about which may, with luck, make a big big difference to their success.

My session “the importance of brand in a digital world” is one of those topics I seem to be permanently on my soap box about. Not just for the sake of having a “rant”, although it must be said I like to shout as much as the next person, but because some terrible mistakes which prevent business success are often so easily avoided.

Businesses, the individuals within which use google and social as their first port of call, fail to invest in their own digital presence or fail to see that writing something dull or wrong or unflattering means that so often their prospects never reach out to them. My business partner Tim Hughes (the #1 Global Social Selling Influencer – according to Onalytica) so often says that 70% of the buying decision is already made before the customer ever makes contact.

Given that that’s the case, people all over the internet will be bumping in to you and your brand and jumping to conclusions about you. Conclusions which may not be what you actually want. They will be forming opinions about your credibility and that of your competitors by reading (or half reading) things they find about you on line. Your website…your LinkedIn profile…your Twitter & Facebook…in fact everywhere that you leave a digital footprint. They read something which suggests your professional and then they read something else which suggests you’re not and they simply move on to someone else. To be really successful online I don’t have to be perfect…I don’t even have to be good, I just need to be better than all of my competition and thankfully, for now, that’s not too difficult.

I mentioned “jumping to conclusions” and thought that I should perhaps include that in my presentation. But I’d like to pick up on that now.

People jump to conclusions…it’s a human trait. Imagine the shock at having a bright green spiky haired youth holding the door open for you with a smile. Imagine the shock at being let out at a road junction by a BMW driver! We all jump to conclusions…we have prejudices about how people are gong to behave and what they’re going to be like based on just a tiny fraction of the information.

The problem is that your customers behave like this too and there’s nothing you can do about it…so don’t fight it. Go with it and make sure that you use that most human of behaviours to encourage them to jump to the conclusion that you actually want.

Make sure that you include a nice photo of you looking dynamic and professional, make sure that you have a catchy title and that you are clear about what the “summary” section of your linkedin profile is for and make sure that every conceivable question they may have about your past, your credibility and your skills are answered.

Make sure that when they are putting together a short-list that they would be fools to leave you out. Make sure that they are jumping to conclusions…the right ones.

The digital presence can only get you so far…closing the deal is down to you. It is however, better to fall at the last hurdle than the first.

There are just a few tickets left so if you want to come along and be part of something which promises to be rather special, click here to find out more.”

Adam Gray is a Social Media Expert,  Author and Key Note Speaker

You can reach Adam here


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