If you could only attend one event this year this would be it.

“A highly immersive program of business growth material, powerful ideas, and success tips” 

- Alec Blacklaw 

Thought Leader, Business Improvement Specialist, Key Note Speaker 

One Sydney and one Melbourne session available for this not to be missed half day event.

Alec will be joined by Duncan Barber leading accountant and business advisor

Alec will be joined by Mark Said leading business advisor and entrepreneur

At this half day event you will learn 3 Key Business Growth strategies:


3 key ingredients to building trust, connection and engagement so that you can create an even more profitable , valuable and enjoyable business. 

  • How to leverage your Passion, Focus and Capability for success

  • Why 2 out of 3 isn’t enough

  • What the great businesses have discovered.


Staying Alive in Business and how to really Thrive!

  • Practical steps to unlock your profit potential

  • Identifying and accelerating the factors that are critical for your success

  • How to create the maximum value on any exit so you can enjoy your life with the cash you want.


What the Best Leaders in the world Do to create an Extraordinary business and how they build a Great Culture

  • The key things great leaders do to deliver great outcomes for all stakeholders

  • The absolutely necessary ingredients to develop an engaging culture

  • How to maximise your time effectively and get the scale and leverage you can only dream of.

This event is unlike any other you have attended 

  •  You can choose your own ticket price - even FREE!
  •  Alec is donating 100% of the proceeds to a very worthy cause
  •  Strictly only one Sydney session Tuesday 15th August and one Melbourne session Wednesday 16th August

Jo Pagdin

”I found there are so many little things that can affect your business. Its given me confidence that I am on the right track but I learned lots of knowledge and expertise that I can take away and implement in our business. Well worth it!” - Jo Pagdin, Rotherwood Recruitment

Jo Geldard

“My biggest takeaway was definitely around strategy . I definitely feel I gained what I wanted to gain which was how to get a strategy on how to grow our business and it’s given me a clear plan on how to do that. I’ve got a lot of brilliant content there.” - Jo Geldard, Baker Harding

Jonathan Lee

“Well worth it, I’ve absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to get back into the business and implement the many ideas that were presented. Lots of little 1%’s that will make a significant impact on our business… ” - Jonathan Lee, CN Group

Meet Alec Blacklaw

My life ‘s journey has been about learning from some of the very best leaders and businesses in the world. I have been a part of some very good businesses and some that haven’t achieved their potential… and learned from this too. I believe that every business can be more profitable valuable and enjoyable so that they can live the life they desire with many more options for themselves and their family. And that is my big Why. 

Helping others using my skills & experience is a privilege. In fact, it’s why I designed The Business Improvement Program. I love life, my wife and family and strive to continually be “the best version of me” each day and to make a positive impact by giving to others.