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20 August 2017 Posted in: Digital Strategy,Leadership,Social Media

How to get the edge and build more trust in this disruptive digital economy

Anyone who has ever started a business or is leading an organisation right now knows that the challenge and opportunity to create something of real value and which is profitable is a constant challenge.

This has never been more true in this dynamic, disruptive and digital world in which we live now. Where everything we do or don’t do can be broadcast in seconds across the world – both good and bad.

Alec Blacklaw interviews some of the experts who will be speaking at The Business Improvement Program in Sydney and Melbourne this September…Google’s Simon McCaskill, UK’s Social Media Expert Adam Gray, and International Speaker and Author,Kerrie Phipps on how to

  1. Maximise your impact in digital marketing and improve your Google ranking,
  2. How to design effective social media strategies that connect
  3. How can we build trusting relationships that produce win, win wins.

I strongly recommend you Listen in and Listen up and you will not be disappointed. Grab yourself a cuppa, it’s worth the watch. Click here to watch and get some amazing tips

There are a number of gems that you can take-away and apply to your business right now… and which will make a huge impact if properly implemented.

A warning – there are no quick fixes although with clarity of purpose and strategy you will see green shoots appear quite soon.

This may involve being prepared to examine some of the so called “truths” in terms of what is critical for your success and what (if anything ) really makes you special.

We know that you are probably expert or awesome in what you do, however you may not be communicating your purpose and value so that your audience is really engaged and listening. In fact you may be able to give them a better reason to care.

Building trust cannot be rushed and once we feel a lack of authenticity we shy away or worse still we back off entirely. This challenge is made even more impactful in this disruptive and digital economy where you may never get a chance to have a one on one meeting.

In many ways though, it is the very challenges that we tackle throughout our business journey as a leader that make it all worthwhile and force us to grow into a better version of ourselves. And along the way we find our real purpose and why anyone should care about us, our products or our services.

The challenge to build real trust with our team, clients and community has never been tougher.

That said, it doesn’t mean you have to tackle your business challenges alone. There are some brilliant businesses out there who have created amazing client experiences. You can learn from the masters, reduce the risk and give you and your business a greater chance of success.

You can learn or “hack” Key Success Strategies that have proven to be successful for some of the very best leaders and businesses in the world.

We are bringing some of the best in business, speakers who not only know their stuff, but have built great businesses and made a great impact for so many business owners across the world.

7 Business Leaders will join me in September in Sydney and Melbourne for a 2 day highly immersive and practical event that really will change your life and your business.

What if we told you what it takes to make your business more Profitable, more Valuable, and more Enjoyable?

And importantly, what the best businesses have done to achieve those results? Plus help you with the implementation.

That’s Exactly How We Help Our Members Grow Their Businesses!

The Business Improvement Program will provide you with the mindset, the tools, the knowledge and the support you need to build a truly extraordinary business. More importantly, you will learn from 7 successful business leaders on how to implement our signature “9 Key Success Strategies” to deliver sustainable results and build real trust with your team and clients.

You will learn 9 Key Success Strategies that will make a huge impact for you and your business:

  1. . The Importance of Passion, Focus and Capability – and build Trust and Collaboration.
  2. . Beginning with the End in Mind.
  3. . Making Your Business Fly in a Digital World.
  4. . Getting the Best out of your People.
  5. . Staying Alive in Business
  6. . Moving Towards a Larger Business
  7. . How to Build Your Brand in the Digital Economy
  8. . Leadership & the Importance of Culture
  9. . Building Increased Value & more Options in your Succession/Exit Plan

This highly immersive and practical 2-day live program is unlike any that you may have attended before. The many breakouts allow you to work on your business and implement the proven strategies necessary to enhance the value of your business – all in a fabulous location with an outstanding mix of real business experts!

The BIP is proven to delight attendees and deliver outstanding results on a number of levels every time we run it and carries a full no quibble money back guarantee if you have not received any value at the end of the 2 days.

” I have just spent the 2 most amazing days I never thought I was going to spend, ( I’m a born cynic) but every half an hour I came up with a light bulb moment and I now have a box full light of bulb moments to implement in our business. ”

Adrian Moeckell, EWGA Wines

We have a few tickets left. We’re offering a special offer too…

To learn more, click here:

Or if you want to make sure The BIP will deliver exactly what you are looking for right now, call Alec Blacklaw on 61 408351403 or Contact us for an individual chat. We dont do hard sales, its important to us that you are delighted.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and to make sure The BIPwill help you create a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business so that you can live the life you desire.

Sydney 13-14 September 2017 – Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains

Melbourne 21-22 September 2017 – Peppers The Sands Torquay

Alec Blacklaw is a Business Improvement Specialist and the Founder and Creator of The Business Improvement Program or as it’s fondly known, The BIP .

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