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  Source: In Cumbria News,  Wednesday, November 30, 2016 

Family business leaders from across Cumbria and the north of England gained insights from international entrepreneurs at the first conference of its kind in the UK.

The Business Improvement Program (‘The BIP’), founded in Australia, was brought to Britain thanks to a partnership with Cumbria-based financial experts Armstrong Watson .

Originally created by Alec Blacklaw in Melbourne, the programme is specifically designed to help owner-managed businesses enjoy improved outcomes.

Accountants and business advisers Armstrong Watson recognised the powerful delivery this two-day programme could have on their own client base and helped introduce The BIP to family business leaders from across the region.

Internationally acclaimed speakers, including Singapore-based Paul Dunn, a four-times TEDx speaker, shared their knowledge and clarity of insight with delegates eager to learn how they could harness new ways of thinking to improve business performance.

Almost 30 businesses attended the residential event, and as well as gaining valuable learning, they were treated to an evening question and answer session on some of the key links between business and sports performance with top former middle distance runner, and now television pundit, Steve Cram, OBE.

 The masterclass presentations by industry experts in business management and communication, which focused on 9 Key Success Strategies, were interspersed with financial advice on a range of business topics from Armstrong Watson specialists.

The event, held at Wood Hall Hotel and Spa, Wetherby, was also broken up with roving CEO sessions where in small groups each delegate took turns to be the business leader and used the power and knowledge of the team to brainstorm solutions to specific business challenges they face.

Armstrong Watson’s business development director Dave Clarkson said: “We had seen how influential The BIP was in Australia and the difference it was making to entrepreneurial businesses out there, but we did not realise what an enormous impact this was going to have on all the delegates attending.

“So much so that words such as ‘awesome’ and ‘life-changing’ have been commonly used in the testimonial feedback which is great to see.”

The event, which highlighted the importance of people’s passion, focus and capability, and of the detailed planning needed behind “creating a more profitable, valuable, and enjoyable business” ended with practical action plans for delegates to take back to implement in their businesses.

Companies from Cumbria who were represented on the course included:

David Hayton Ltd, Border Group, Northern Vacuums Ltd, More Handles Ltd, Twoey Educational Resources, Cadworks Engineering and EWGA Wines.

Many have already booked colleagues on to the next BIP event being again organised by Armstrong Watson which will be held in Cumbria for the first time on May 18 and 19 2017.

Paul Rheinbach, managing director of Carlisle-based More Handles Ltd, said:

 Paul Rheinbach  Paul Rheinbach

“Some key points that struck a chord with me were :1. “Ask yourself ‘is this how the best business in the world would do this?’ I have been applying this every day with other team members within the More Handles organisation since hearing it and it is having a very powerful effect and giving us all great focus.

2. “What would you write on your bathroom mirror as a reminder to yourself everyday ? ‘Today, I will inspire someone!’. This is what I genuinely try to do every day and it has a positive effect on me and, hopefully, others.”

3. “Teamwork. Good teams will always beat a team of good individuals. They don’t know when they are beat! This piece of advice made me look at my colleagues and we are working much more as a team since this reminder.

Johanne Miller, managing director, of Wigton-based Twoey Educational Resources, said:

“It was the first time I had attended anything like it and I came away full of enthusiasm and a new energy.The manner in which the programme was presented made the process look simple without taking away the importance of the key strategies required to ensure success.

“Delegates were encouraged to take part and get involved with some practical tasks making the whole event more user friendly.It was also great to take some time out of one’s business and spend some time with likeminded people from all different types of businesses and share knowledge.”

Kate Bessant, Border Barriers Sales Manager, Border Group, Carlisle.

“I very much enjoyed the two days. I feel I learnt so much that I can share with colleagues. It was very informative and I enjoyed meeting new people.”

For more information or register your interest click here   for The BIP 18-19 May 2017 at Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa. 

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