9 Key Success Strategies that positively impact owner managed business owners… just like you!

12 December 2016 Posted in: News,Strategy,The BIP

We recently presented The Business Improvement Program (The BIP) in the UK for the very first time to business owners from a wide variety of industries – large and small.

The question on everyone’s lips was- “Yes it works in Australia, but will business owners in the UK respond just as positively as their Australian contemporaries who have attended this acclaimed program?

The answer was a resounding success. In really challenging times, post Brexit and when disruption appears to be adding another level of uncertainty, the attendees were enthusiastically positive about the impact the 2-day live-in program had on them, their business and how they now see the future.

Wow! We really were blown away by impact The BIP had. The insightful responses from the attendees confirms that whilst we are in different parts of the world business owners face similar opportunities and challenges to be the best in their segment. Business owners speak the same language  and seek support as they work with their teams to make a significant impact for their clients Click here to hear what the business owners had to say…

A little background to the journey…

Alec Blacklaw the founder and creator of The BIP was chatting with Paul Dickson MD of leading UK Accounting, financial and advisory firm Armstrong Watson, on how The BIP had made such a powerful impact on attendees in Australia.  As co-members of one of the world’s leading Accounting and Legal groups – MSI Global Alliance –  Alec agreed to bring The BIP to the UK and present it to Armstrong Watson clients and the wider business community.

The two-day Business Improvement Program event, which was held on 3 & 4 November 2016, was created by Alec Blacklaw who specifically designed it to help owner managed businesses improve their performance on lots of levels.

Alec lead the program and was joined by Athletics legend Steve Cram, the influential Ted X speaker Paul Dunn, Google Guru Simon McCaskill and Social Media expert Adam Gray, plus business advisors Richard Rankin and Matt Osbourne as fifty selected business owners came together at Wood Hall Hotel & Spa.

Over 2 action packed days, and a sumptuous 3 course dinner and drinks, the attendees learnt the 9 key success strategies to make their business more profitable, valuable and enjoyable. 

The powerful program is not for the faint hearted or those who want a leisurely break away for the business, Sure it is fun but more importantly the attendees work in groups, on their own business in the many breakouts, as they learn what the best businesses and most successful leaders have done to take their business to the top of their segment.

Armstrong Watson’s Business Development Director Dave Clarkson commented: We had seen how influential The BIP was in Australia and the difference it was making to entrepreneurial businesses out there, but we did not realise what an enormous impact this was going to have on all the delegates attending.

“So much so that words such as ‘awesome’ and ‘life-changing’ have been commonly used in the testimonial feedback which is great to see.”








Delivering the 9 Key Success Strategies that the best businesses have implemented for improved success.

Alec goes on to say” I have to level with you…The BIP does not produce such powerful response from the attendees by accident. It was specifically designed to help owner managed businesses create a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business – all based on what the most successful business owners in the world have done to excel. The format is designed to allow people to take the many ideas and implement them in their business for significantly better outcomes.  Not a talk fest but a focus on getting stuff done”

Jonathan Lee –  of leading media organisation CN Group, said “Brilliant experience, there are so many things to take away to implement change… One of the key take-aways is, imagine if we could improve everything by 1% every month then what impact that would we have on our business!”

The BIP is built on the 9 Key Success Strategies that transform your business and take it to the top of your segment – to make it more profitable, valuable and enjoyable, with more options so that you can live the life you desire. Click here to find out more about the 9 Key Success Strategies.

The BIP has just been rewritten with powerful new content for 2016 and beyond to pick up the many opportunities and challenges presented by the fast-changing digital world we live in which is disrupting the way we do business now and how traditional models are being impacted. We worked on strategies to really stand out in a crowded and noisy market, including how to differentiate and add outstanding value to our clients and community so that our business remains both attractive and relevant with increased profits, value and multiple options upon any exit or succession.

The UK business media picked up on the positive impact The BIP had on the owner managed business owners who attended.   “Powerful Business Improvement Program created in Australia makes a huge splash in the UK. Click here to read more

Or if you would prefer to see for yourself what business owners like you experienced,  Click here.

Huge Appetite by Business owners for guidance and fresh perspective.

The feedback from the recent attendees at The BIP confirms there is a huge appetite by business owners globally for support, guidance  and fresh perspective as they seek to improve the performance of their business on so many levels.

The format and content of The BIP allows us to work proactively with them and their local business advisor to take their business to another level and make it more profitable, valuable and enjoyable.

Paul Rheinbach, managing director of Carlisle-based More Handles Ltd, said:

“There were several key points that struck a chord with me including:

Ask yourself ‘is this how the best business in the world would do this?’ I have been applying this every day with other team members within the More Handles organisation since hearing it at The BIP and it is having a very powerful effect and giving us all great focus.”

Alec Blacklaw is recognised as a business improvement expert who is commercially practical and is passionate about helping create more profitable valuable and enjoyable  business so that the owners can live the life they desire.

Blacklaw Advisory, specialist member of MSI Global Alliance has developed close relationships with Accounting and Legal partners across the world and can draw upon the talent and expertise from over 250 offices worldwide. Blacklaw Advisory provide practical advice and solutions that will deliver the perspective you need, with confidence and surety and  manage the entire process working closely with you every step of the way.

The Business Improvement Program (The BIP) is the leading residential business improvement program specifically designed to get improved results for the owner managed SME business owner. Inspirational and fun, it is built on the 9 Key Success Strategies that are proven to create an even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business.

Click here to find out when and where The BIP is next coming to a city near you.



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