9 Key Success Strategies to kick off the new Financial Year and make it the best year ever!

So, it’s another new Financial year and you are determined to make it different than last year or even the year before.

This year you have written a plan and have total alignment with your fellow business owners and team and have started the implementation

Well maybe you have and maybe you haven’t… yet – Read on.


Or you have some awesome opportunities in front of you or a few challenges you really must overcome to succeed or you may be struggling to cope with growth.

On the flip side you may have lost your mojo or momentum and be struggling to deal with the disruption impacting your industry in this fast-moving digital world.

It’s more likely that you will not be at the extremes and have a few of the situations above happening to varying degrees that you need to deal with.

And in your heart and mind you know there must be a better way. Well there is.

We know because we have had the privilege of working with loads of business owners over the years who have created some special businesses

We want to share with you 9 Key Success Strategies that some of the best leaders and business have implemented for improved results.

Today we will share 3 of these with you in our 3-part series.

Key Success Strategy 1.

Ensure you have the right blend and balance of three key ingredients – Passion Focus and Capability. It’s not enough to have a brilliant product or service. it’s a great start however you need to put your customer and target audience firmly in your focus and see the outcomes you deliver form their perspective.

You must communicate simply and clearly your Capability – in your product, your service expertise, experience… to your audience in an authentic way so that they really get it. Where your Passion and purpose is clear and compelling. Show them you care, don’t just tell them. Authentic delivery and consistency is vital.

The best businesses know that 2 out of 3 is not enough to really connect with their audience and move to the top 10%. When you get the balance right you will build Trust and people are more likely to engage and you will build increasing collaboration in your team and with your community.

Key Success Strategy  2

An oldie but a goodie… Clearly communicate your Vision and Purpose with authenticity so that your board, your team and your clients know where you are headed. This should be visual and focus on the factors that are critical for your success.

You need to give everyone a reason to care about your vision so that they can engage, understand and stay interested in the journey. There is simply so much noise out there and distraction that you need to really cut through with a message that matters.

When we know why you do what you do, why you exist, what you do will matter more and we will take more interest in what you have to say.

Linking strategy 1 and 2 together will allow you to focus on making your team or your customer feel and actually be better off. And make them feel safe and cared for.

Key Success Strategy 3

There really are only 4 ways to grow your business profitably. These are classics that work and that almost became unfashionable however use them or review them in the context of your current objectives for 2017/2018. Everything old is new again


  1. Increase the number of customers of they type you want (net – wins and losses)
  2. Increase the number of times your customer comes back
  3. Increase the average spend (transaction value)
  4. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of every process

When you have work shopped the 4 ways above you can then create strategies to grow your business with purpose and focus and you be able to measure the things that matter.

The very best businesses in the world have implemented these strategies to create a truly extraordinary business – one that is more profitable, valuable and enjoyable with many more options.

In fact, the disruptors or these who seek to disrupt traditional businesses are looking at new ways to better connect with their target audience in a digital world where technology is accelerating the rate of change like no other time in history. Time for you to review your business strategies to ensure they are attractive and relevant and will get you to where you want to go.

Alec Blacklaw is a Business Improvement Specialist and the Founder and creator of The Business Improvement Program (The BIP).


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Part 2 of the 3 part series to follow soon. 


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