5 tips to get Maximum Engagement and Create Excitement about your Business.

24 September 2016 Posted in: Leadership,News,Strategy

passion-3“We’re on the road to nowhere…come on inside.”

Every time I hear this song recorded by Talking Heads, I connect with the tune and sing along ! … and I am reminded of the great opportunity to drive your business forward and make a real difference.

The energy in the song is awesome, although the message could be slightly different.

Rather than the road to nowhere, wouldn’t it be great if all that energy in the song could be better communicated and then directed to all of your stakeholders and prospects so they are excited by your vision and are engaged in a really positive way with your brand and your business.

And more than this they clearly understand how they are better off by working with you to get great results.

5 tips to getting maximum engagement and creating excitement about your business.

  1. Be very clear and aligned at board level about your ‘Why’. I mean really clear about ‘why you exist’ , why you do what you do – your main purpose. This provides clarity and meaning and provides the filter and focus you need.
  2. Communicate your vision in an engaging clear way, showcase your point of difference.
  3. Put yourself in your client’s shoes- and be clear about what they get and what they should expect when dealing with you. How do you make them feel and how do your products and services allow them to be better off?
  4. Create a rich vibrant culture around your authentic core values. And ensure your behaviours are 100% aligned – Revisit and role play- No excuses
  5. Do what you say you will do and do it on time.

And one for good measure…

6. Test and measure everything you do that is critical for your success.

Okay now to Implementation – where the rubber needs to hit the road. Here are some things to consider:

Agree what you will measure that will confirm that your customer values what you deliver.

Agree your internal effectiveness using a few key KPI’s.

Ask for independent, formal feedback.

Encourage complaints. Respond promptly seeing each one as a learning experience.

Fine tune your Products & Service and your client experience based on your testing, measurement and feedback. And you will develop an entourage of raving fans.

Communicate your progress with your team and celebrate your success!


Alec Blacklaw is the Director of Blacklaw Advisory

Founder and creator of the Business Improvement Program ( The BIP)

Alec is delighted to offer a complimentary consultation to see if he can assist with your challenge or opportunity.


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