9 Key Success Strategies that positively impact owner managed business owners… just like you!

12 December 2016 Posted in - News,Strategy,The BIP

We recently presented The Business Improvement Program (The BIP) in the UK for the very first time to business owners from a wide variety of industries – large and small. The question on everyone’s lips was- “Yes it works in Australia, ...

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How Important is your Brand in the Digital World?

18 October 2016 Posted in - Brand,News,Social Media,The BIP

Alec Blacklaw interviewed Social Media Expert and author of "Brilliant Social Media"  Adam Gray to find out how important your brand is right now, his excitement about Leeds , secrets of digital success , jumping to conclusions and more. Adam says" ...

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The truth about SEO and how to rank higher!

10 October 2016 Posted in - News,SEO,Strategy

I interviewed the very talented Google Guru and SEO wiz Simon McCaskill as we explored the myths and pealed back the truth about SEO... what it really means and strategic ways to cut through and create a sustainable advantage. Simon responded ...

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5 tips to get Maximum Engagement and Create Excitement about your Business.

24 September 2016 Posted in - Leadership,News,Strategy

"We’re on the road to nowhere…come on inside." Every time I hear this song recorded by Talking Heads, I connect with the tune and sing along ! … and I am reminded of the great opportunity to drive your business forward ...

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Inspiring stories from The BIP Melbourne 2016

02 August 2016 Posted in - Leadership,News,The BIP

Implementation, Fun, Inspiration and Practical. Oh, and did I mention improved results? That's just a few of the words that were used by the attendees to describe the 2 days they spent at The BIP Melbourne on 14-15 July 2016 at the ...

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Tell me what you want , what you really really want…

05 July 2016 Posted in - Brand,More Profits,The BIP

Sometimes you just need to listen to what people are telling you. We all know this, however it's important to ask good questions, use your ears and then adapt accordingly. We have specifically designed a business improvement program for small to medium size ...

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We used to say “The more things change, the more they stay the same” – but do they?

03 June 2016 Posted in - Leadership,More Profits,Strategy

Turn and face the strange changes. Another headline, another tweet, another ding on my phone, tablet... Will I look at it? It might be important you think - or least most people do. There is more noise than ever out there. It just ...

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SME Business Owners often feel lonely at the top!

20 May 2016 Posted in - Leadership,News

It’s certainly no secret that SME Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are more often than not wearing “different hats” and as a result feeling stressed out. With the many challenges and demands of running a successful business in today’s environment, SME Business ...

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Your tax planning for 2016 starts here…

28 April 2016 Posted in - News

Imagine receiving a 100% tax deduction for investing in your business. Imagine spending 2 days with some of the most successful and inspirational business leaders in their space. Imagine working with other non-competitive business who will collaborate with you and work on your ...

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